Grapeoff is pleased to announce the launch of the


Membership of the Club will support a family gaining access to clean water for the rest of their lives at the same time enjoy premium wines each month carefully chosen by our panel of experts.

The money will be used to support water projects implemented by HOPE International Development Agency. It costs on average about 30,000 yen per family, whether it is a well in Cambodia or a spring cap in the Philippines or Ethiopia. HOPE has a proven track record in this area and we are happy to provide you this opportunity to support providing water4life for the neglected poor.

HOPE focuses on providing long term access to clean water in developing countries because it is the source of life and this is also the first, essential step to climb out of extreme poverty. Water is provided by building wells and installing pipelines from a clean water source, and the method varies according the climate and geography of each project site.

Once a system is established in a village and people gain access to clean water…

  • People are freed from the laborious task of travelling long distances to fetch water
  • General health is improved and the number of people who contract water related diseases decreases
  • Children have time to attend school
  • People are able to grow crops in their fields

Plus tax, shipping included, and ¥2,500 goes to HOPE


Plus tax, shipping included, and ¥5,000 goes to HOPE


Want to know more about HOPE?

For more Information about HOPE and their projects please visit www.hope.or.jp

Want to become a GRAPE OFF member?

Get ¥1,000 credit when you sign up
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    WATER4LIFE Wine Club Rules:

    The rules are simple.

    You must be over 20 years old to be a member.

    Once you join, your credit card will be charged every month on or about the same date every month for the amount of your WATER4LIFE Wine Club monthly membership plus tax. You may cancel at any time prior to the next order date.

    The price of your Wine Club membership includes FREE shipping and handling.

    Members are responsible for maintaining the correct address and credit card info on file for prompt and accurate deliveries.