Hilton Wine Experience

The Hilton Hotel is the most Internationally recognized brand that stands for quality and excellence. Our wines have been selected by the Hilton Hotels & Resorts to be served at many of their bars, restaurants and cafes. Be sure to order any of the wines listed below when visiting a Hilton in Japan or click on any of the wines to order today.


Bordeaux, in the south-west of France, needs li t t le introduction to anyone wi th an interest in wine. One of the world’s most prolific wine regions, it also manages to rank among the most famous and prestigious.

  • Lussac


    Château de Lussac was founded in 1876 and has been the propert of Mme G Laviale-Van Malderen and her husband Hervé since the 2000 vintage. The vineyard, like the winemaking equipment, has been refurbished. And today Château de Lussac produces some of the best wines in the Saint Emilion region, on a terrain of clay and loam. The 3 colours live side by side: a rosé, Cabernet Franc an Merlot. Château de Lussac RosÉ, Le Libertin de Lussac and the Château de Lussac White.

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  • Clément


    Bordeaux Shippers De Mour began on April 26, 1950, sent by Emile De Schepper and his wife Ghislaine DE MOUR. As the new owners, they spent the first year renovating the cellars and making improvements on the vineyard. Since 2000 the third generation of winegrowers has been a fact. Olivier De Schepper, followed the footsteps of his beloved father and his hard-working uncle at the young age of 23. Under the wings of his uncle, he purchased a fifth estate in Bordeaux. Today they continue to make exquisite wine from Bordeaux.

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  • Lavaud


    Château St Jean de Lavaud is a 1.10 hectare plot that is plante primarily with Merlot and Cabernet Franc. The vineyard is composed of different soil types and this diversity is reflected in the complexity of the wine. Thanks to the expertise, the modern facilities and the implementation of improved management techniques, Château St Jean de Lavaud has become a benchmar in the appellation.

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  • la Croizille

    la Croizille

    This great wine which is almost as black as printer’s ink has an overwhelming nose of black fruit with a roasted touch; it is rich, complex and juicy and impresses by its harmony between the large, but supple texture, the fine tannins and the intense and pleasant flavours.

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  • Franc Mayne

    Franc Mayne

    Château Franc Mayne is a Bordeaux wine from the Appellatio d’Origine ContrôlÉe of Saint-Émilion, ranked Grand Cru ClassÉ in the Classification of Saint-Émilion wine. The estate is located on the Right Bank of France’s Bordeaux wine region, in the commune of Saint-Émilion and only a kilometre away from the medieval village The main house is a typical 18th century “Maison girondine”. The Château was acquired by Griet & HervÉ Laviale in 2005. There have been major renovations both in the main house and the wine making facilities and the property has 2 hectares of underground quarries.

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  • Vieux Maillet

    Vieux Maillet

    Since its purchase in 2004 by Mr & Mrs Laviale, Château Vieu Maillet has been making a name for itself. First-class wine making facilities, coupled with the finest management techniques and a real know-how, help to produce some of the finest wines of its appellation. The Château’s 8,65 hectares are located on the edge of the Pomerol Plateau and are composed of diverse soil types, planted predominately in Merlot, Cabernet Franc and, more recently, Cabernet Sauvignon. This diversity confers much complexity to the wines.

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Puglia is a long, thin wine region in the far south-eastern corner of Italy. Puglia runs from the very point to just below where the Gargano Peninsula juts out into the Adriatic Sea. The Salento Peninsula occupies the southern half of the region, and is of great significance to Puglia’s identity.

  • Tenute Girolamo

    Tenute Girolamo

    “Tenute Girolamo” is at the heart of the Itria Valley, testament to the great love of one family for its land. The first vines were planted in about 2001 and work was completed in 2006. The dedication and boundless energy of the Girolamo family now expresses itself in the 50 hectares of vineyard in which there are the finest indigenous Pugliese grapes as well as renowned grapes from around the world. They make a variety of fantastic wines from Pulia, Italy.

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Central Coast

The Central Coast is a large coastal appellation in California that spans from San Francisco to Santa Barbara and encompasses many smaller AVAs. The appellation is strongly influenced by the Pacific Ocean’s cooling influence. High winds, dry days and ocean fogs create a one of the longest growing seasons in the world.

  • Brass Tacks

    Brass Tacks

    “Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?” At Brass Tacks, we believe the essence of California wine is the fruit. Our winemaking starts in the vineyard, where we cultivate the unique characteristics of each varietal and vineyard. The results are wines that aren’t over-manipulated, allowing the personality of the fruit to shine through. brass tacks (noun) - the most fundamental considerations; essentials; (usually used in the phrase “get down to brass tacks”).

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Napa Valley

Napa Valley is one of the world’s great wine-making regions, producing a variety of fine wine from diverse microclimates and soils.

  • Bread & Butter

    Bread & Butter

    Bread & Butter is a reference to the craft of winemaking. Bread = Oak. Butter = Malolactic Fermentation. The type of oak, origin, producer, level of toast, time on oak, and racking all play a vital role in developing bread-like flavors and texture of the wine. Butter characters come from malolactic fermentation. The conversion of malic acid to lactic acid produces rich, buttery flavors and changes the texture of the wine to be more creamy and soft. These factors work together to best compliment the complexity of fruit and expression of terroir produced in the vineyard. They make 100% Napa Valley Chardonnay & Pinot Noir.

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  • PureCru


    Three wine lovers from the central valley join an award-winning Napa Valley winemaker to found pureCru, a winery producing small quantities of unique blends. “I had been reminiscing about a small, hands-on entity where I could do it all myself again, like I did in the beginning” — Mitch Cosentino. Celebrating 30 years of winemaking and with more than a thousand awards to his name, Mitch Cosentino is making another dream come true with his launch of pureCru Napa Valley.

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  • Nica / Dado

    Nica / Dado

    NICA is a family nickname: Nica can be quite serious or quick to smile. She is lively and fresh, like our Chardonnay, with its bright fruit and crisp finish. Nica is strong and engaging enough to stand on her own, but loves great food and is a charming addition to a fabulous meal. DADO is a family nickname: Someone special who shines in every environment and loves the celebration of life. He is spirited and outgoing, like our wine, which is fruit-forward with great balance. Dado has a robust and engaging personality that can enliven a party, or enrich a great meal.

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McLaren vale

The McLaren Vale wine region, in the north-west of Fleurieu Peninsula, is located approximately 22 miles (35km) south of Adelaide. It is by far the most important wine-producing area in the Fleurieu zone and is also regarded very highly throughout Australia

  • Braydun


    Hand pruned, single vineyard premium wine from the heart of McLaren Vale; the internationally recognized Braydun Hill boutique winery is dedicated to exclusively producing limited quantities of award-winning fine Shiraz wines.

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